I was born and raised in Sheffield, South Yorkshire which makes me not only a Yorkshirewoman but also a true 'Dee Dah'. Double the stubborness, double the bluntness and double the affliction of 'Short arms and long pockets' when it comes to standing my round!

However, eventually I relocated to Doncaster to be with my long-suffering better half Gerald which means that presently I have lived in both Sheffield and Doncaster for approximately the same number of years for each place...all I will say is that it's a long time in each location.

My day job involves being bossed around by a 2 million year-old ginger moggie with a drink problem; the truth being that I am a freelance illustrator specialising in humour - I started my own business Frazzled Cat Productions almost 18 years ago which generally keeps me busy and out of trouble.

For many years I have enjoyed photography and until quite recently have had to try to get by with various compact digital cameras which were ok but never that brilliant to use. I was always envious of Gerald's camera equipment and when he was using his professional setup I always felt a bit of a twit standing next to him with a tiny little plasticky boxy compact that looked like a toy.

Anyway, Gerald was good enough to but me the best Christmas present he could and he bought me the same kit as he now there's no escape for anyone out there...

...this is my photography website - I hope you enjoy the images.

Rosy Greaves Photographer2